How does the system work?

    Forex Aurora is the latest work of a group of traders with over 10 years trading experience. It includes the most efficient and effective algorithms which indicate individual market phases and changes in the sentiment. Its simple graphical layout will let you know about the current market sentiment in a matter of seconds.


    What market phases are these?

    The market is in a certain state at any given moment. In short, it can be described as: decling market, increasing market and market negation (sentiment change). Our method will help you read the market using simple visual tool and join the further movement. 


    Does using the software require any special knowledge?

    The system is very easy to use the only requirement for its efficient use is the ability to use a transaction platform.


    What are your method’s technical requirements?

    The software has been developed for the MT4 platform.


    What minimal deposit do I need to effectively use this method?

    You can begin speculation with as little as $100 or its equivalent in a different currency.


    What TF does the system support?

    The system can be used on TFs: M1,M5,M15,M30,H1,H4,D1.


    My trading style is not limited to typical DT, will your method be suitable for me?

    Of course. Our system can successfully be used for any type of trading. Scalping, daytrading or even swing/positional trading.


    Can I count on your technical support?

    Absolutely! Our support line works 24/7, all year long. We offer assistance regarding system installation, details about trading such as money management as well as all general questions concerning the Forex market.


    Is the amount given on the website a one-time payment?

    Yes, the amount you see on the website is the total cost of the entire system. There will be no additional charges.


    What about system updates, will I get a discount for later versions?

    All the future updates are free of charge.


    What will I get after purchase?

    After making the purchase, you will receive system files for the MT4 platform, a detailed PDF instruction manual as well as permanent technical support.



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